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Our love for dogs brought us together. Since then, we’ve been on a mission to keep them healthy, happy and running, because we want to continue loving them for a very long time! As a new dog wellness company, we feel a responsibility to be respectful of all beings and living things on Earth. This means being mindful of humans, animals, and of our beautiful planet. When you choose our products over regular dog treats, together our actions have a positive impact not only on our dogs’ health, but also on the world around us. Here’s how:

Why plant-based superfoods
Plants are an extraordinary source of countless powerful nutrients that can help the whole family stay healthy and strong. Many of us now chose to reduce our meat consumption, and just like us, dogs can benefit from adding plant-based nutrients to their everyday diet. In fact, we know now that for dogs to thrive, they need a minimum of 25% plant-based daily intake. That’s where BORN TO RUN comes in handy! Substituting your animal-based treats for our plant-based nutrient-rich superfood snacks is a great and convenient way to complement your pup’s daily diet, with natural sources of vitamins, complete protein, omega-3s, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, and other enriched nutrients. Scientific evidence has demonstrated that nutrients from plants can have life changing effects on our pooches, such as: more efficient immune system, healthier gut and better digestions, less food allergies, healthier weight and shinier, lustrous coat, reduced inflammation and arthritis, improved vitality and cognitive abilities, reduced risks of cataracts, diabetes, cancers and heart diseases.

100% cruelty-free
Our holistic approach to health and wellness includes everyone, and we certainly want to be part of the solution (not the problem). That’s why, as animal lovers, we guarantee that we’ll never take part in the business of inflicting cruelty to animals or insects.  

Tested on humans
We’re starting to see the “Human Grade” claim pop up on packaging, but what does it really mean? At BORN TO RUN, we go the distance, and put our money where our mouth is (No pun intended!). Our products are Human Edible, and we personally taste and test every handcrafted batch of nutri-snacks, to ensure we offer our pooches nothing but the best quality products.  

The most common canine food allergens are: beef, dairy, wheat, egg, chicken, lamb, soy, pork, rabbit, and fish. And, most dogs are usually allergic to more than one thing. Naturally, our products contain none of these ingredients!

ORGANIC ingredients
Because we care about our health, we eat organic as much as possible, and try to do the same for our dogs. Organic farming eliminates the toxicity from chemical fertilizer and herbicides, and synthetic pesticides. Hence, it is better for the environment, more sustainable and nutritious. At BORN TO RUN, we go through great efforts to use only the best quality natural ingredients, from organic sources as much as possible.

NON-GMO ingredients
The Non-Genetically Modified Organisms ingredients (in our case plants) that we use have not had their structural DNA changed through the process of genetic engineering. Why? Because studies show that consumption of genetically modified foods can be hard on animals’ health, and could cause problems such as immune system deficiency, premature aging, infertility, and organ failure. At BORN TO RUN, we go through great efforts to use only the best quality natural ingredients, non-genetically modified as much as possible. 

We know that protecting our planet and keeping our ecological footprint to a minimal is more than just an option, it’s a necessity. While using Organic & Non-GMO ingredients is terrific, we wanted to do more. Did you know that animal factory farming is not only unsustainable; it’s also a leading cause of Global warming, pollution, water waste, fossil fuels, phosphates and pesticides? It uses over 30% of the Earth’s land mass, and contributes more to climate crisis than all global transportation combined. And, as if that wasn’t enough, each year, 25% of meat production goes towards the pet food industry (dogs accounting for 71% of that). With those overwhelming numbers, figuring out a way to provide exceptional nutritional benefits to our dogs without causing unnecessary damage to the ecosystem seemed logical and the way to go. This is why we never use animal ingredients, but instead, only environmentally sustainable natural ingredients. And yes, that includes our complete protein and omega-3s. 

Holistic veterinarian formulated
What does holistic mean? Holistic medicine, by its very nature, is humane to the core. The approach is gentle, minimally invasive, and incorporates well-being and stress reduction. Holistic thinking is centered on love, empathy, and respect. According to the Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, in treating an animal, a holistic veterinarian will determine the best combination of both conventional and alternative (or complementary) therapies for a given individual. Therein lies the very essence of the word “(w)holistic”.

Dr Sarah has spent her career aiming at just that. She came to us with more than 25 years’ experience treating companion animals and horses. She always applies a scientific approach to evidence-based nutrition and keeps educating herself on the best, most innovative ways to help animals. Her desire to do more has led her to extend her knowledge in veterinary acupuncture & traditional Chinese Medicine from the renowned Chi Institute in Florida and also deepen her understanding of canine nutritional needs. Together, we share a combined objective- to help fill any nutrient needs or deficiencies that modern life and everyday dog food might cause our dogs. She oversees the meticulous BORN TO RUN formulation process to create exceptional products that offer real benefits, using premium, wholesome, purposeful, nutrient-rich super plants.

Thanks for being invested in making our world a better place.
Keep on running!
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Our products are dietary supplements, and not meal replacements. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.